J.J. Campbell

back at the old farm
and in my dreams
i'm back at the old farm
love of my life smoking
a joint on the front porch
i sip on the oldest bottle 
of scotch i have watching 
dark clouds roll in yet again
when you are no longer
scared to die, thunder and 
lightning and any rage from 
mother nature never fills you
with any ounce of dread
ease back into the easy chair
and grab an old book
we always wanted to 
take down the world 
on our own terms
sometimes you have to take
a step or two back to recollect 
yourself and allow the view
to completely come into play
she passes me the joint and i 
kindly open my third eye
they warned me when i was
younger about taking drugs
i now understand they simply
wanted to keep the good shit 
to themselves
a unicorn will graze in the back 
pasture and we'll drift off into 
the ether
comfortably plotting 
our next move
listening to old nina simone records
it's a harrowing voice
out of an old speaker
you can recall the days
you used to lay around
naked, smoking cigarettes
while listening to old
nina simone records
the poems would come
faster than teenage boys
watching their first porno
you knew right away about 
genius and greatness
and all the editors that
rejected this brilliance
were fucking fools
now with hindsight
you realize that asshole
couldn't write worth a shit
but this asshole here,
he can lay down the words
like a fucking madman
like some cleanup hitter
that never fails to drive
in the runs
the great ones re-invent 
themselves every few years
not out of some necessity
but out of pure fucking 
when that trick goes away
there is only one dark corner
left to stumble upon

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