Alan Catlin

Another Day in Paradise

If Jesus lived now
his mug shot would be 
on the AP wire as the face
of the man who attempted 
to throw a live alligator into
a crowded bar in Florida.
He’d have done something
criminal on the tail end of
a three-day binge like driving
a stolen car into a line of
charity bike racers, taking out
bystanders, competitors and a
utility pole then, undeterred,
backing up for another go around
despite a steaming, leaking radiator,
detached bumpers and caved in
windshield. Deployed air bags 
don’t count.  His stained t-shirt
would have an AK 47 decal,
a slogan like “My rights doesn’t
end where your emotions begin.”
In his next life he would be a
Shotgun Judas with a sawed off,
infiltrating a political rally,
church fundraising event, for
the homeless. His chest tattoo of a
screaming eagle with a US flag
decal in its beak is where the 
service revolver bullets go.

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