J.J. Campbell

a sad song on the fourth of july
the fireworks aren't 
as bright this year
escaping death at the
sight of every sniffle
gets old after a few
weeks, let alone 
but it's a sad song
on the fourth of july
on the back porch 
with something strong 
on the rocks
just you, a tomato 
plant gone wild and 
the fucking mosquitos
these are the nights 
you used to sit in a
cemetery and read
shitty poems to the
dead and seek advice
you swear to this day
you saw a shooting star
in a beautiful woman's eye
she left you for dead
a few weeks later
just poor communication
that is all
deep down you know
death licked your lips
that night and you were
ready to give in
another bite on the leg
hindsight wins yet again
enjoy your youth
i always laugh when
a younger woman
calls me handsome
i tell them to enjoy
their youth
this face is what 
happens when you 
are never given the 
eventually the 
turns to money
as all conversations 
seem to do
we are nothing 
but prostitutes
to whatever this 
earth has decided 
for us
not everyone is 
ready to be called
a whore

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