Randall K. Rogers

Selected Drinking Poems by Randall Rogers

(Smelly) Moments In Time

A universe 
is a 
river of alcohol
spreading capillaries
of experience
and love
to growing bodies
minds and souls:
the mouth is the
to the asshole
the eyes are
the windows
to beauty
but it is the breath

that makes

one smelly
both good or bad
for life.

Firing Blanks/Parental Practice

because I have

no child and drink
(as so many do)
I look next to me
and start teaching 
air to grow up
and not choose 
voluntary death
because I
fashion myself
a drunken single parent

bachelor INCEL

with potential.


Drunken friend
there are no others
out there
life on Earth
is it
Eve made it so
discovering the
of life and death
- original sin -
sealed our fate
begging God to return
ever since
no reason to
offer up – set up - 
another morality play

(for us to knock down)
allowing matter
consciousness enough
to create
transcendent ideas

to make life beautiful

without booze.

Omnibus Drink Selection Happy Hour

Into conscious
mechanization I 

into the fluid life
of a margarita machine
solid state
free to ripple

surge develop

ice cube
sugar electricity
spark enough
to blow our minds
to smithereens
weeping depression
restricting life support

till visions

and breakfast
pull us all back

from the brink

of sanity

still breathing

pure magic.


Attending a concert

nowadays is a lot 
like entering a hot 
dog eating contest:
you take your 
life in your hands.

Glorious Abandon! 

Mystify your world
look for souls you’d
want to go to heaven with
and drink with them
love them
toast them
share truths
and insanity with them
as brothers
spend time 
in sweet inebriation

with their wives 

in carnal knowledge

with them
hold dear to

mystery to
define them
in alcoholic shining armor!

enhance amber clarity to
position in their 
thought where they
rest assured 
come fortune or naught
failure or success
grounding of a middling
stifling drudgery life

or cognitive tempest

sex with you

is the answer

too all will be well….
With another round.

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