Daniel S. Irwin

A Festival of Belly laughs

Well, here it is again,
A festival of belly laughs.
Ha, ha, ha! It’s the deaf guy.
Big laughs at the voting station.
He’s missin’ every other word.
Holler at the dopey dude.
I should be used to it by now.
But, it still pisses me off.
Lost most of my hearing from
Iraqi artillery fire invading Kuwait,
Crossed the border from the south
Leading the Marines in.  Like the
600, cannons to the right of me,
Cannons to the left…on again, on again.
So now, being nearly totally deaf,
I’m the butt of jokes by the good citizens.
If I came back missing an arm or leg,
It would be, “Aww, poor man.”
I don’t wear the uniform that was
Ripped up by shrapnel that, somehow,
Fortune smiling on me, missed my flesh.
So now, it’s just rude jokes and laughs.
Makes one proud to be an American.

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