Jack Henry

street level 

dark shadows  
loiter behind 
giant shiny thrones 
to avarice & 
while monuments 
of acquisition 
stare down the abyss, 
as citizens tremble 
from hunger 
inside houses 
made of discarded cardboard & 
gangs rumble 
threw Shantytown, 
demand their pay. 
one dollar. 
american, motherfucker. 
and cops just roll by, 
in their shiny metal boxes, 
bigger fish to fry, 
their own shakedowns & 
fake takedowns  
to make, 
pierce the inky black night  
w/glaring lights 
of blue and red. 
no trust for the police 
as they just roll by, 
alone in a pool 
of my own blood 
deep down Los Angeles 
down near the concrete river 
i shouldn’t be 
cops just roll by 
just a dumb white kid 
in the wrong place,  
receiving end 
of the dumb white kid 
all your money  
to get out alive, 
and the cops  
just roll by, 
hey babe! take a walk on the wild side. 
i said, hey honey, take a walk on the wild side. 

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