Stephen Jarrell Williams

Always thinking ahead
outskirts of a typical city of now
many with crimson tattoos
sown into wrinkled foreheads
loosening my belt
finishing my potato chips
and Pepsi chaser
heading back to the new wilderness
after voicing my opinions
to those that will listen
stirring a gathering crowd
sticks and stones
against my thick scars
but something about me
holds them still
perhaps tired of killing others
I shrug
hearing angels in my head
my fists filled with heaviness
many wondering how
the world came to this
several miles out
I’m thinking I’m free
but someone sent the hounds after me
I crawl into my cave
temporary home
possibly my final tomb
but I believe I’m safe
plenty of dog biscuits
in my backpack
always thinking ahead
for a few more minutes to live.

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