Daniel S. Irwin

When Jesus Went to Get a Tattoo

When Jesus went to get a tattoo
The Philistine dude who runs the
Combo head shop and tattoo parlor
Suggested all sorts of cool designs.
Crosses?  Too many bad memories.
Hot babes?  Near naked hula girls?
Sweet smiling Spanish senoritas?
Maybe too hot for the Son of God.
Snakes?  Totally out of the question.
Wild eyed devils?  Oh, right, sorry.
Unicorns?  Quite popular right now.
Perhaps, tribal art on the privates?
I take that look as a definite ‘no’.
Fancy script?  Have a nice day?
Ride to live, live to ride?  USMC?
Your place or mine?  Hell bound?
Free spirit?  Deities do it better?
The ever popular: Satan sucks?
Gods just wanna have fun?
With so many choices, it was just
A real heavy decision.  Doobie time.
Laid back and mellow, with a casual
Scan of the room, he suddenly found
Just exactly what he was looking for.
If he’d settled for anything else, I’d
Be surprised.  Super job, looks good,
A big heart with MOM across it.

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