Sushant Thapa

Amnesiac Memory

It starts with 
Just a trigger
A buzzer, an alarm. 
A shot fired from a practicing gun. 
A dart of aim, 
A gong of cacophony, 
Rattle of screeching steel tyres 
Its skin, tearing apart. 
Fire sparks stretching on the road. 
My voice, a shrill of tongue
Still unheard. 
Hard rain dripping 
Striking the tin roof. 
Any sound is a game here 
Playing with the disturbed politics. 
Sounds metamorphosed to war cries 
Creativity escaping through bullet holes. 
Broken vase of poetry 
Dead flowers of elegy
Decorating the epitaph 
Of silenced sound of amnesiac memory. 
Is it also easy to forget war? 

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