Judge Santiago Burdon


This run is my swan song, after tonight this smugglings gonna  stop, every headlight in my rearview mirror, looks like it’s a cop, all these kilos in back, they’re weighing heavy on my mind, I can’t get busted, Lord knows I’m too old to do anymore time.

I sleep with one eye open, I keep the other on my gun, I’m the only friend I’ve got, and I’m not sure, he’s one I can trust, you think it’s easy money, it costs far more than it’s worth, profit made from broken lives, blood stained and cursed.

I run on stolen luck and unanswered prayers, no guarantees in this business, my only insurance is some criminal’s word. Everyone with an  alias, my real name I’ve forgot, lost my wife and my  family, and too many friends to count.

Don’t judge this life of mine, don’t put your blame on me, I'm only a Wheelman, Supplying you, you and you with what you need.

One thought on “Judge Santiago Burdon

  1. Amazingly good.
    I think it may be the best thing you have written.
    Funny, sad, and thought provoking.
    Just like all good art !
    Love it.


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