Shiva Neupane

Loneliness is my ultimate friend:                                In my search for a companionship                      I have toured my heart in many places,              But I didn't find anyone                                          who understood me?                                                                                                                       After finding no one                                               I slouched beneath the azure sky of my Solitude,                                                              from where I found my truest friend - Miss. Loneliness.                                                                                                                                           Miss. loneliness perched me on the ground of philosophical enlightenment,                          and lectured me the ups and downs of those romantic- mercenaries in the battle of futile love.                                                                                 Miss. Loneliness gave me a key to open       the door of pluralistic-reality of the world, where love is ambushing the hearts of many with a romantic- mantra. 

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