Tony Dawson


Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!
It isn't fit for humans now, 
There isn't grass to graze a cow. 
Swarm over, Death!

John Betjeman 1937 First. verse



Fall friendly bombs on dread Moscow

much more deserving than poor Slough.

Stand up, Putin; take a bow, 

Meet your fate, Death!


You must get your just deserts,

especially if it really hurts,

both you and your grim perverts.

Gasp your last breath!


Destroy the city and the thug

who sits at that table looking smug

as he sets out to pull the plug

on all mankind.


Don’t forget Lavrov whose droopy features

reveal the most cynical of creatures.

Oh, he’s a credit to his teachers:

Evil defined.


And smash Russia Today (not tomorrow)

And smash those who are spreading sorrow.

Let’s see them all light up like flambeaux.

Burn, baby, burn!


And don’t spare the oligarchs who add

to the profits of the repulsive Vlad.

They are greedy rather than mad.

Some never learn.


They can’t pretend they didn’t know

Vlad’s grand plan. It’s only the dough

that interests them, going with the flow.

Send them to Hell!


Each one’s been delighted with his lot,

spending millions on a superyacht

while leaving compatriots to rot.

Hear their death knell.


Putin kills civilians by the score

in this criminal act of war.

He exudes venom from every pore.

It’s payback time.


Fall friendly bombs on dread Moscow,

ensure it’s no longer fit for plough.

Let nothing thrive there now.

And spread quicklime.

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