Noel Negele

A million little pieces

Run all you want.
The chaser is in your heart.

Kill the dangerously naive child
that nests in there.
It's too much work.

You'll have to jump in the waves,
pull the memories out
before they drown.

Take a deep breath.
Your lungs are still alive.

The mountains are watching.

Feel the wind on your face 
smell the salt of this sea
that wants to drown you.

Look into the depth of you
to conquer the surface of you
don't just ride the ripples
they won't go far
they won't reach the shore.

The underground current
slides like a whisper beneath you
skate into it,
skate into you.

You’ll have to go 
through it to
escape it.

Take a deep breath.
Begin the downwards journey,
know that you might never 
hold enough hope 
to reach the surface again.

Swim downwards into the mouth of it,
look at the dark face that looks from under.
It gets bigger as you approach, I know.

Don't pussy out.

Be kind to the monster.
It used to be you.
It will always be you.
Kiss it,
do not abandon it.

Don't leave nothing of you drowning.
It's a pity.
It’s the saddest thing of saddest things.

Don't mourn you—
it's too early.

Help you come back.

Above the surface
life is waiting for you
like the soft earth 
does the seed.

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