Donna Dallas

The Nowhere Girl

I see the road narrow and forged
with the dead – all the dead
that tried before
to cross this very overgrown dusty path
sweep the dust right and left
critters scurry
bones scrape along pebbles
eerie sound of crunch and squish
oh hell it’s long
hell is long
isn’t it?
no way to tell
there’s no scriptures to follow
no engraved instructions
nothing for miles
not a fucking period to end
any forgotten sentence
it’s like a great emptiness
swells before me
in some organic burst
and I don’t know the road

Y’all think I came before
and am now an experienced craftsman
at roading
but no
I’m bleeding through this
teetering on a fork all twisted
with gnarled branches
it behooves me to stop
and take a piss
before going it again
Eeny meeny miny….
or just take the path
that looks treacherous
and wrecked?
if it’s a mess I’m all for it
got nothing else to do
and nowhere else to go

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