Abdulrazaq Salihu


At the mention of the apocalypse,I name myself an x-gene
Like a boy evaluating this machine era.

My body is flames and my memories are reinstalled in a chip
Like the waves of the waters carrying my mother’s face,

And this time I’m not bothered of how much men fear death,
This is only me adapting and learning the fire-dance

One Step On Coal One Breath,one way towards shore.
You carry all the bullets with your mouth

And spit holes into all the wrong places,
Every body believed my body was a wrong place

The X-men believed so much in the x-gene
And I have told God of how well I know my body and all the halos enshrouded in its bosom.

Smudging my fingers and counting the names of the homes on fire;
Clay, electromagnetic fields & flesh & blood are wired in here

And leaves are colliding in bottles of adopted embryos.
The last time I heard of the apocalypse 

I covered my eyes with light and drove into the horizon with highMusicPluggedInMyEars

And I couldn’t recite psalms,
A woman kept saying waalfajri and today I’m so certain the next ayah is Walayalin Aashrin 

So certain that this is god swearing ten days to my new age.
I fly into an uncolored television 

And my mother tells me a body is nai,
And death is fi, and she tells me nothing of reincarnation 

And I’m barricading my nostrils to breathe
To feel the sensation of a body on fire and how it adapts to a constellation of forgotten x-gene.



In reality,
What; is; a; body?

Forehead; toes

Foreign regalias crocheting a pure day

                       12ft tall; beards;are;bushes; foresting a saint;


New voice;bass

New reality;night

               High school boys;dropping;out;of;school

Become;high; boys

Psyche;clock ticking towards a dead man

Psychosis; DID troubling a living man,psychopath

Psyche and psychosis;in reality,is a man writing a complex poem

Through the night and body of his 12 year old.



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