Ian Copestick

That Famous Black Dog

Sadly, I have
to admit that
depression is
getting the better
of me.
Everything is really
hard work.
Just getting up,
and dressed tires
me out more than
an 8 hour shift at
work used to.

I've lost interest in
nearly everything.
I used to love playing guitar.
I was never very good,
but it was something I
I haven't picked it up
for over a year.

The amount of poems
I've had published in
the last year,
I used to have that
many published each month.

I need help,
I know that.
I've known it
for a long time,
but now I've
reached enough
of a low point
to accept it.

Tomorrow morning,
I'll be phoning the
doctor's surgery.
Hopefully, I'll get
the help that I've
finally acknowledged that I need.

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