Daniel S. Irwin

Second Thoughts

I see the bug on the floor.
First impulse is to step on it,
Crush the vile creature.
Then, second thoughts of
Rebirth and reincarnation.
Could this actually be the
New life form of a friend?
A relative?  My mother?
Or, on the other hand,
Maybe it’s the asshole bully
From my youth, or, ahem,
Mrs Robinson, my second
Grade teacher who gave
Me Hell every school day.
I think she dented the back
Of my head with multiple
Backhands with the ruler.
Could be that crazy neighbor
Who stole and ate my dog,
Worms and all, last summer.
“Damn you!”  I cried as I
Heavy-boot smashed the
Wretched living entity.
“Damn you all to Hell!”
But wait…could this be
My old drinking buddy
From Minneapolis?
“Brother Bain is that you?
Sorry, Jerry.  Damn, your
Guts are all over the place.”

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