Steven Leake

Amethyst / Doomsday Clock

Without knowing 
Exactly what living is

these days of quiet abundance 
Are spent with
Frugal abandon 
Sparkling Amethyst daydreams

Keeping true to the visions
Rolling in the grass
Our toddler and dog

In kaleidoscope wonder
A new age utopia 
Of our own making

The fading glory
A rapture of declining return 
Fluttering digits
On the doomsday clock

Forever Young

Cadillac smokes
Old timey chimney sweeps

Singing “Sweet Jane”
In raspy crackling harmony 

In bed 
As soft morning light leaks through 

vivacious breath
Explores the rhythm of your hips
In languishing daylight  as time approaches infinity 

Between the synapses
The image of your breasts
Takes hold
Giddy plans

Reveling in
new traditions 

handing out pamphlets on Election Day 

staying up the rest of the night
in candle lit revelation 
Of the meaning of trust
And best practices 

Laying out a protocol 
Bad mental health days

Romantically insured
Mornings I have to throw you in the shower 

After a week of sleep

Opening the pores with sultry steam
As the eyes dilate
Focusing on the new day

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