Daniel de Culla



White man and all his heavenly court

Of warriors and pedophile priests

Be murderous colonizers

Hypocritical, obscene, deceitful

Thieves, looters, rapists

That all their effort was

Fool and hallucinate with little mirrors

Trinkets, stamps, crucifixes

To a whole people and nations

Who worshiped the Sun and the Moon

Some making human sacrifices

That have nothing to envy

Their daily femicides.

Hau Hau

Your fight against our Indian chiefs

Is the same that held Priapus with the Donkey

Letting us see who else murdered, raped.

Thanks to your crosses and swords

You left us embarrassed and defeated

Naked, stolen our jewelry

Our wives and daughters.

You used so much ardor to violate them

That you left your Castilian surnames

In the land fortunes

Where our dead children were left.

The few that got away

To leave their heads lopped off

They only got

Thumb sucking

Being left as slaves working

In the shadow of their own eggs

Suffering remembering

Your very obscene actions.

Damn with You White man!

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