J.J. Campbell

here and there these days
my mother is slowly
falling apart
the hip, the back,
the shoulder
she swears her brain
is fading and mentions
suicide here and there
these days
i check on her every
i figure one of these
mornings she'll be
finally at peace
all i hope is i won't be
considered a suspect
just a fading soul
here comes the anger
the rage from deep inside
they told me when i was younger
to write out the pain
let others know they aren't alone
do i look in the mirror and see others
no, just a fading soul grown older
than he ever wanted
remember every scar
every woman that said i love you
and then walked away in the arms
of another
these are the nights where the knives
used to get hid in the bushes
and all those better angels found some
other sucker to steal from
loneliness, the only friend that dared
to say i understand
we'll drink the bar dry tonight
wake up the in the morning with
no regrets
rinse and repeat
put the coffee on
the war is just beginning

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