J.J. Campbell

swimming in our imaginations
sometimes i think
about the old
girlfriends when
i'm trying to fall
it's not very sexual
in nature
i miss more of the
long talks
the time swimming
in our imaginations
the excitement of
seeking something
new with a beautiful
soul by my side
don't get me wrong
the sex is very
missed as well
but not as much as
a i love you at four
in the morning from
the other side of the

that still loves you
a little snow in the air
as winter tries to hang
on for a few more weeks
you think about the only
woman that still loves you
wonder when she will get
up the nerve to tell you to
grow the fuck up and
say yes
you think of your father
the worthless piece
of shit that never provided
any example of a loving
relationship or how
to treat a woman at all
your mother doesn't
want any grandchildren
running around here
try finding the right
woman that is just fine
never having children
like finding cheese
on the moon

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