Sushant Thapa

1. Catalogue of Life 
When all are instructions
Life becomes a catalogue.  
When the journey is difficult 
The same walks become adventures. 
A darker side of a coin
Still has a printed symbol on it.
It is still on the other side. 
For the sake of 
Making a poem beautiful 
Adding decorations is
A fools' paradise. 
Realities need no invitation.
Negative and positive both
Are the faces of composure.
When we meet 
There shall be revelations 
Of how strangely close 
We tend to be. 
Friendship is a support.
Unseen yet true feelings. 

2. Cherishing the Faraway 
I cherish the faraway 
The flight and its height 
The immense measure of the horizon. 
What sets free is a passion. 
You never know if 
You were destined 
For the deeds. 
Art eases the pain 
It is there to soothe 
When you do not live 
In a suppress. 
Expression becomes 
The flowing river or 
The romanticized moon
Still shining in the dark 
Alone among the multitudes 
Of the stars. 
I knew you 
When the strange air blew. 
No more a stranger. 

3. Masked Specialist 
Way ahead of time 
A stone has its impressions 
Made to the mud. 
There is history buried 
In memories and painful wail. 
The fire of agony 
Ceases the woods of the mind. 
But a mind is a free nature. 
No taming screw 
Not an avalanche to the thought. 
A thought can still recover.
I feel in my room 
That the world keeps knocking 
At my door. 
The world has a free entry 
But I cannot douse
The ball of fiery emotion. 
I read for emotions.
Only heightened perception 
Does not make me a specialist. 

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