Ian Copestick

        Dr Mohamed

When I was taken
to hospital
with cirrhosis of
the liver.

The first person
I saw was Dr
Mohamed. After
examining me,
and asking a lot
of questions
he told me that my
liver was in a bad

I was really ill
I was really scared.

I asked him
" Is this going
to kill me ? "

" Not this time. "
He answered.

" It's like you've
driven right up to
the edge of the cliff
but you haven't gone
over the edge, yet. "

As I was leaving to
go to wait to be
admitted to a ward.

His last words to
me were 

" You do know that
you've picked the
longest, most painful
way to kill yourself ? "

That shocked me.

I thought I was
drinking to stop
my depressive

I thought I was
drinking to keep
from killing myself.

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