Ethan Cunningham



hello friend
when did you arrive?

by midnight snack
            I presume?

a long slumber
in a sleeper car
dark in one State
awake in another

not so thin as


no matter

I didn’t notice
not till this
morning, anyway
when you moved

to squat like
a homeless fat bum
hugging my waist
like a bloated

(I don’t like you
you slow me down
and bob when I walk
my single boob-belly
my personal round
parasite of fat and
bodily neglect --)

and how long will you
be staying with us,
            mister weight?
ah, yes
            a long stay
            to retire from
            your troubles
(and become mine)

            good sir

loyal, I see
and offer this greeting—
I hate you.

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