Dr. Randall K. Rogers

Thank Allah for Cigarettes


special k kreates


dimension drifts

and personally inflicted blood


personal wounds

when you do that first or those after

that first

one too big a shot.

careful, kids and adult old women and


transvestite and transsexual

psychonaut curious in your chair at

home or with good folks risk taker

journeying learning

old hippie or, “the receptors are there!”

might as well

thinkers world and beyond


be careful:


this is some powerful shit.





The You of You


Satin streets


alleys paved

with fool’s gold

that’s America

the USA

just to inform

you dreaming would be

immigrant – or help us you


if you is still

got the notion paid the smugglers

to get you illegally or legally

into this fine

always been always will be

country and people


because nowadays

as the social philosopher types

tenured or not


or actually read a book

and finished it

last year

person you are not

Dare I say:

if you

keep looking


in the end and on the way

will definitely

not be alright

nor ever near so


Because you lie

as you have been told, no forced,

the truth or

future past

it passed

and was in turn

passed on to

as the whom you think is the fake and

spurious real

you, of you.





My Generation


They said

we couldn’t

do it

and we didn’t.


The only thing worth

living for is dying

and those Twilight Zone episodes

you missed


given the conditions

of the day, year, moment or hour,

are always ripe for

Spontaneous suicide!!! Yikes!


Learn to live with this

and less

is the whole of the law.

In the here, now, present, past

and future continuous?

Which just may not too exactly

nor not

though maybe


be you

or whom you should or should have

been or will be

though again maybe


nor not you?






Never Understood


Where the hell

Have the frozen

Mists of immemorial

Time shut their portals

To matter and mind



In a basket

With fries

And coleslaw?


I saw myself slowly dying

Then awakening to live again


An ability to achieve

Joy, happiness, comfort or


Left me


And upon wakening

I asked why?

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