Dr. Randall K. Rogers

The Beatnik Cowboy


Some mornings a few years ago

but rarely now

when I go to sleep at


I don’t want to wake up in the


back then, when dawn came

I was already depressed

thinking about the depressing

day ahead of me

and all the other ones I’ll suffer

through till I die

it is at this time

the individual needs

the solace and escape-invigoration-


of mostly the illegal drugs

to my way of thought, suicide could

be the result of the patient’s lack of

the beneficial restorative (of the will

to live) of illegal

drug treatment

“I’ll tell you one thing,” the youngish

guy from Alabama told me, a guy

who sounded like and I’m almost sure

had more than his share of cracker in

him. The intelligent uneducated

American said, pointing to my stash

of methamphetamine, “that there is

the best cure for depression”.

Nowadays nary a day goes by

when I don’t take his hillbilly advice

and I don’t imbibe in this supposedly

most noxious

of life destroying evilest most sinister

and detestable in its powerfully

addictive effects chemical – hell

bathroom cleaning product, Vick’s

inhalers and battery acid consisting o

the most feared lethal dangerous

deadly destructive of our youth and

the older folk illegal drug substance

and taking this “Nazi Speed” I’m like

Mr. Confidence and poem essay short

story producing like a madman, like a

Philip K. Dick and Ginsy

it’s kind of like in Cowboy times with

me and writing, back then it was the

whiskey talkin’

here in the Twenty-first of these

centuries we got the tweakers


I believe sort of firmly in this

the idea of safe irresponsible drug use

to offset the plastic fake phoniness

effect of our consumer propagandist

and TV movie defining unable to self

actualize in a false values, pitch

person shaped desires, created fake

unfulfilling even when the wants

desires expressed as needs are

abundantly met/filled social

organizational goal

Wealth accumulation as the ultimate

goal and retail therapy make or a full

unfulfillment in the beginning and end

the great Walter Benjamin was not

wrong when he suggested

the anomic and egoistic disruptions of

a person’s life

the detrimental effects causing social

and psychological states inimical to

the continued survival of the

tormented dude or dudette, may be

offset by the effects of drugs. Mostly

the drug effects of what are currently

(2009) considered drugs of the illegal


Personally I suggest the use of strong

marijuana, type

cannabis sativa, soil grown, from


Show me a higher breed of cat than

the Rasta. As energetically and I

suppose happily bursting into song so

suddenly it makes one jump startled

a people I’ve ever come across.



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