Michael Marrotti

Dumb, Poor and Benign


When it comes

to my writing

I’m not expecting



Nor am I expecting

you to make a

credit card payment

when publishers

avoid my poetry

like it’s infected

with hepatitis


After all it is

an acquired taste

capable of

upsetting your

sensitive stomach


It’s oftentimes

offensive like

purposely not

flushing the toilet


If you’re seeking

something that’ll

warm your

sentimental heart

don’t waste your time

this right here is like

unprovoked anal sex

you’ll be limping away

a victim of penetration


I’m not holding

back any punches

I’m at war with all

things categorized

as benign


I’m that


asshole who

has the balls

to say what

other cowards

refuse to



I’m that genius

with a general

education diploma

who had an


while his

significant other

was shoplifting

lube at Rite Aid


The truth

when lubricated

is a comfortable

approach for

passionate poetry

that was written

in vain

© Michael Marrotti

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