Drew Nacht




I hoisted the earth on my back in the same good luck knapsack

I have been using for thousands of years.

It looks worn but should be sturdy enough

though I do worry about an undetected hole developing

and then you’ve got a mess on your hands:

next thing you know remnants of some planet

are littering landscapes of a planet they were not meant to,

but hopefully, that is a problem for another day.

For now, I get to enjoy the easiest part of my new job-

sprinkling the droppings of earth throughout the terrain

of a new planet to enhance its growth potential.

Of course, it is challenging to help a planet sprout new life

as there are always unintended consequences

but my head is swimming with the possibilities of this new planet-

to coin an old earth saying,

it feels like the first days of spring.

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