J.J. Campbell

splashing in an ocean


i once met ezra pound in

a dream and he told me

to fuck off


the neon drips out of

my mind


splashing in an ocean like

rebellious teens ready to

finish off a revolution


i once was the master of

my own domain but was

quickly domesticated by

a few old souls in spanish



there’s something about a

mamacita and those hips

that will have you willing

to murder any soul on

earth if given the chance


we once danced naked as

we dared to shoot down

the moon into a cold, dark

night in rome


she told me i was the wrong

color for her to ever fall in

love with me


i started to peel off my skin

to reveal the cool motherfucker

that sometimes lives in the

back of my dreams


she now lives in a castle alone


and i hear voices when i wish

for death driving on the highway


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