Daniel de Culla



A teacher asks Little James

What balls are those that don’t have hairs

And Little James answered quickly:

-None, teacher, because all the balls

And more those of Villar

Have hairs.

There was laughter by spoonfuls

Like garlic soups

In Roa de Duero, Burgos

Before corralling bulls.

Little students from Aranda de Duero

Know this joke very well

And always talk of it

When they go to the wine cellar

And, into the deep of it

They touch the balls among them

To see which of them

Have more grown hair.

To who that has the longest hair

They sent him to Burgos

With free expenses

 As a prize for competing

In a competition of Billiards and Darts

To a place called “At Plane”, in Gamonal

Telling him at the Bus Station

Before car beging to move:

– Take care, Villar, you’re going to Burgos

To compete at Plane

Ones with darts, others with sticks”.

-Daniel de Culla





Trump, gypsylike to, illustrates

The scintilla of  life:

Making a Trump taking many lives

Wishing and hunting

Ancient skills of skinning.

His powerful majic odor

Dilates our nostrils

And quickens our hearts.

He will be written  with berry juice

Since his brain is as a tortilla

made with turtle’s eggs

coming to Act, coming to Eat

With Putin and his Ego

Within the necessities

Of all the livings.

-Daniel de Culla





From beginning to end

is explained absolutely everything worth knowing

about absolutely nothing.

Why not’?

We felt that the Beginning is a true leaf

of the inmortal literature

as a side of bacon changing the pig

discovering the best way to keep its legend alive

encouraging mytology

and the controversy about it:

Sun wil have its tide spreading over our maps

Moon remembering us we were gone

and we still sing everything waiting

for birth, death

inside this den of us.

Spring, Summer, Autum, Winter

coming with feelings of love, radiance

quiet and delight

As ever.

-Daniel de Culla





Crossing the Street

I’m just celebrating

The feline sense of “Like”.

How do You like Me?

I like more bananas than slices of water-melon.

And I really feel like

And yet I induced  it like

That is like.

What is he like?

The like as Me.

With my own words to receive

To touch, to perceive:

Baby is like to live; Old is like to die.

You have eyes like stars

And the face like an Ass.

I’m going to divorce You

For that¡

Like father, like son.

 – Daniel de Culla




Original artwork by Daniel de Culla



Original photography by Daniel de Culla


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