Bradford Middleton



I’m going to come clean now, it’s true

I am a dirty old man, it’s one of the reasons

I dig my job for the 16 hour minimum wage

Weeks I tend to do but this morning a new

Revelation appeared.  The prospect of a 7am

Start left me feeling nothing but cold and

Tired before I’d even begun but then she

Breezed in and I couldn’t believe my eyes

A stunning beauty wearing a revealing

Dazzling nightie with slippers under a coat

Leaving little to the imagination as I stood

Taking in that miraculous face but then my

Eyes turned to her shopping and couldn’t

Resist, the pertest most beautiful pair I’ve

Seen in a very long time and as she left

With me, for the first time ever meaning it,

Saying ‘come again soon…’ I almost did as

My loins erupted giving me the boner from

Hell, dreaming of getting in that nightie

As the next shopper approached my

Checkout he caught my eye and reciprocated

The twinkle as we’d both caught an eye.

“This job ain’t all bad” I hear myself say and

All he can say is “bleeding hell, I can’t

Believe that!”




The night turned dark in the shade

Of a Coen brothers movie,

Home alone on a Saturday night again

Waiting for sleep to take me away

Cos this has got to beat being out there

In the disease-riven heart of this city

By the sea.


I stalk the streets everyday looking,

Observing the lives people lead and

The madness it causes them, watching

It take hold even if for only a second.

But tonight I sit quietly studying my

Own form of insanity as outside the

Night goes loudly about its own


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