Nick D’Ingianni



you’re yappy

as a drooling

sack of dogs

and as happy

as a vietnam


you’re trashy

as downtown

new orleans


as banksy


as amy schumer

worn and round

as a linkin

park CD

and yet

you’re lovely as

a dumb bitch

could be.

the world is out there

the world is out there

but few live in it.

only those who tire

their families to the point

of no return will

ever see it.

you may find yourself

in this exclusive club

without even signing up.

you may find yourself

amongst a crowd, thinking:

“why, any one of

these strangers could save me,”

but they will

never dare.

the world is not fair.

fairness is a farce

constructed by the rich

and the weak minded,

so strap up your boots

and get rich

or weak

or don’t;

the world does not care.

the world’s horror

empathy’s a skill to kill

as quickly as

you can

watch folks’ heads fall

off their necks in

the fissures of

the net.

if you want no tears, no fear,

you first must become numb

some folk will cry, ‘insensitive!’

but some folk are fucking dumb.

(in order for your life to start

cut the cord from your heart

to the net and fall apart.)

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