Judge Santiago Burdon

Lunch at Larry’s Loveshack
   Dancing for Dollars
I didn’t come for the food
But the Ham on Rye tastes great
Go dance on your pole and smile
Does every Titty Bar
play the same worn out songs
I’ll  kill the DJ if he plays Born To Be Wild
Get up on the stage take off your clothes
Don’t waste time with the tease
I’ve only have an hour
Before I gotta pick up da wife
Let me give that fine ass a squeeze
Come here and stick your tits in my face
How much for a table dance
Don’t tell me you can’t remember my name
I’m not here looking for romance
Don’t wanna a massage can’t afford a date.
Let me stick a dollar in your G string
I’ve gotta frog in my pants come ere sit on my lap.
I’ll give you some cocaine but I  won’t buy you a drink
Where you going get on back here
what the hell is your problem
Not enough money to buy your company
You’re  just a Titty Dancer you should gimme da respect
I’ll be back tomorrow
You can apologize to me

2 thoughts on “Judge Santiago Burdon

  1. Judge Santiago Burdon bringing us
    another masterpiece !!
    Capturing the scene perfectly !!
    Oh how I love his words !!


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