Leah Mueller

Open Letter to an Asshole
You goddamn clown
of a publisher, too bad
you don’t wear a costume
with floppy red shoes
so I could tell in advance
you were about
to indulge in
pie-in-the-face shenanigans.
Still, sooner or later,
the clown always gets
a pie in the face, himself.
That’s how it works
in the one-ring circus
of low-budget literature.
Nothing worse than
a tribe of hipsters
courting MFAs
while decrying privilege.
No wonder we ended up
with Donald Trump.
Revolution Stew
Take six cups unemployment,
four tablespoons of poverty,
three cups no insurance,
five cloves no hope,
and a pinch or two of despair.
Sprinkle with opioids
and throw the whole mess
into a pressure cooker.
Boil it vigorously
at high heat setting
until everything is gone.
Serve with a nice merlot.

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