Ben Nardolilli

All the Features You Love Plus More

Mrs. Doris Hussein (no relation) doesn’t know me
And I don’t know her, but it seems
We have been thrown together in a kinda of strange
Zany comedy of errors and strangers,
I won’t lie, it’s good to meet new people,
Make new contacts, and try to be of help to someone

I guess this is more of a black comedy,
Because the reason she’s reaching out to me is cancer,
No, not her sign, but her symptoms,
She wants to get my attention to help her set things up,
A trust in her name with me in charge,
This could be the beginning of a beautiful premise

Convention Outline

The program directors reflect on what they’ve learned
And the paths going forward from here,
There’s the Chicago commitment and looking at the forest,
Followed by a detailed and lengthy solutions seminar
That discusses why cooperation with China is critical on security

Before lunch, get ready to listen to a speech on criminal justice,
And how local police forces are forging
A new path on racial equity (not just equality) there,
During lunch, (you thought you could escape?)
You’ll hear about the impact of investments on enterprise

Level on down to the breakout sessions, for experts
In small rooms who will regale you all with tales of the media,
Such as how to challenge the master narrative,
Support creative collaborations, or facing up to challenges
Of the nuclear variety in the decade that awaits us

Back in the main room for cocktails and the last round
For presentations from our final experts, saving the best for you,
Learn about Nigeria and taking stock of accountability there,
Before listening to the rants of Benjamin Nardolilli,
Who will tell us we’re all doomed, hopelessly, hopelessly doomed

Solo Shows

An old man in an old painting is looking straight at me
with oily eyes that seem to judge
my oily skin getting too close to the red silken furniture
he once owned before departing the earth in spirit
and leaving this image of his former body on the wall

I hate to think I’m being disrespectful, should I honor
him and leave the room immediately?
A violation of sorts probably occurred when I walked in
with wineglass and cheese cubes in my palms,
on the other hand, I’ve done worse things in here before

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