Jason Melvin

Motherfuckin’ Murder Hornets

crisp air creeping through the windows
sun blazing on a cloudless morning
an invitation I can’t refuse
grab a novel pen and notebook
hoodie the dog and hit the porch
attending to the bird music pen in hand
staring at the landscape stones
bulbs planted that haven’t yet bloomed
inspiration there somewhere

the buzz so loud so close
I’m afraid to turn my head this
is not the sound of an everyday bumblebee
A goddamn motherfuckin’ murder hornet
white knuckles clenching the sides of my notebook
the buzz gets louder closer
synapses popping the impending drama plays out:
a two-handed swing connecting full force
large insect body flinging off the notebook
Crashing into the front of the brick house
Slumping to the cold porch cement
Convulsing shuddering then nothing
the dog comes to sniff the corpse
Whose murdered now? Bitch!

I’m ready a covert glance to get the
trajectory of my swing just right

Wings almost invisible rapidly rotating
little body perfectly still suspended
needle beak mere inches from my face
tiny head twitching studying
curiosity streaming in both directions
a quick nod whirls and zips away
back to the bush from whence it came
so beautiful simple peaceful

What if I hadn’t looked? What if fear dictated
a wild and blind swing? The slideshow plays:
it’s feathered body quivering on the cold slab porch
tiny beak snapped broken kazoo sounds emanating
disapprovingly the dog growls and snaps at me
I look to the heavens asking why?

I nearly murdered an illustrious hummingbird
this is why I shouldn’t watch the evening news

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