Ian Copestick

It’s Hard To Stay Happy

It’s hard to stay
happy when misery
is all around you.
Everywhere I go, there
is illness and pain.
Poverty, depression,
and desperation.
Happiness is almost
an unknown quality,
and there’s no quantity
of it, as far as I can
see. Some people, it
seems that they would
rather stab you than
smile at you. Every
single word is spoken
in a whining whinge.
Their only topic of
conversation is how
unfair life has been to
them. They live in the
first world, they are
neither hungry, nor
homeless. Yet they’ve
suffered more than any
other person in history.
As I say;
It’s hard to stay happy,
but I’ll never get as low
as that.
Just 5 minutes after
escaping from them, I
feel lighter than air.
I feel like dancing, a
huge smile on my
happy, happy face.

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