Sushant Thapa

Now and Then

Getting inspired 
From the old childhood days
When we did not search for the hiding clouds
But wanted to cage the waking sky. 
Mind was not tamed
It was free like a mad waterfall. 
Idle locks and keys 
Meanings and complexities 
Have opened the doors of personal chaos 
Today, from the lens of youth it is seen that 
Old age wears a spectacle and smiles back. 
Time is too obvious to talk about 
Let it pass. 
Gears and shields pave the track 
And the train of passion finds its only way
My love, your rose was too delicate
But the colour it washed me with 
Has still not faded
Maybe I should call you again. 
Whatever our love meant
I am ready to walk on the dusty road. 

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