Bruce Mundhenke

Finding Treasure

I used to see sounds,
Hear colors, and feel,
Quite deeply about things
Most folks thought unreal.
In those days I learned things
I never could tell,
Like ecstasy hearing
A robin bird sing,
Or the depths of desire
That a longing could bring,
Or finding an answer
That could never explain,
The caress of the sunlight,
Or the sound of the rain,
Or the feelings that come
From sensing your touch.
So much beauty 
In such a short time,
More here than any
Could see or could know,
And more to be found
Wherever we go.

A Breath Gone By

So your tears were silver,
And your smiles were gold,
And you laughed and cried,
And watched your life unfold,
And the hearing of silence deafened you,
But the silence made you bold,
But before you ever said a word,
You found you had grown old,
By the time you could have spoken,
To tell the tale you knew,
Your will to tell was broken,
And the time came that you flew.

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