J.J. Campbell

with plenty of whiskey
these are the nights i take 
my night time medicine 
with plenty of whiskey
no one likes the fucker that 
overstays his damn welcome
i see the evil eyes when i'm 
out in public, the whispers 
as i walk by
one day they'll get to see the 
monster they believe me to be
though i'm sure they will be 
everyone else has been
my father could never bring 
himself to say he loves me
chose to die instead
my mother does it out of guilt
my sister has moved on
any chance for a lover was pissed 
away so many years ago
and i have no fucking interest in 
dying old and alone
i'm sure there is some gutter out 
west with my name on it
a concrete pillow, a pet rat
and a random needle with just 
enough to see me through
the best kind of neighbor
six days before christmas
the guy across the street
decided it was time
he took his gun to the 
basement and shot 
himself in the head
i have no clue if there 
was problems with the 
job or money or the 
family, etc.
some people argue 
that makes me a 
bad neighbor
i tend to think i'm 
the best kind of 
i help when asked
wave when waved at
and most of the time
i simply mind my own
fucking business

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