Daniel S. Irwin

My Heart

She ripped out my heart
And stomped on it,
Which made it break into hard,
Stone cold, razor sharp shards.
If she’d try that now,
She’d hurt her feet.

The Bar Room Floor

The bar room floor
Is more comfortable
Than you’d think it’d be.
The fall didn’t hurt much.
I know my drinkin’ limit.
I done passed it a while back.
Shoulda just stayed in the chair.
But, I needed to get to the bar
To get that “last call” drink.
I hope people are kind enough
To step around or over me.
This ain’t my first time down here.
Lately, as the nights wear on
I’ve become a regular fixture
On the floor of this fine establishment.
No worries, no woes, just a drunk.
Barkeep says I certainly make
A great conversation piece.
Likes my routine.
Closing time, everybody’s leaving.
Damn, lady.  Watch those stilettos.
I wanted to keep that hand.

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