Daniel S. Irwin

Hard Core/Day One

Listen up!
Sit your asses down, mutants,
You punk-ass buncha freaks.
Shut up!
Look at my hair.  Take a good look.
What color is it?  It’s gray, isn’t it?
Let me tell you something.
You should be afraid, very afraid.
You should take what I say seriously.
Why?  You see,
Most men, in this profession,
Unless they’re good, very good,
Don’t last long enough for
Their hair to turn gray.
And this ‘gray hair’ is very good.
‘Very good’ at what I do.
So, you candy-ass pukes,
Pull your head out your ass,
Pay very close attention,
Do exactly as you’re told,
Learn from this experience,
And this will be the
Greatest second grade class
Ever to come from
Sparta Lincoln Elementary.

I Laughed

I laughed
In the face
Of Death.
In hindsight,
The best move.
No telling
How things
Will end up
I’m gone
The other side.
A Heavenly reward,
Endless torture
And frustration
If Death
Blatant affront
To him.
I guess
I had better
Bring my own

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