Stephen Jarrell Williams

"Should Have Listened"

Hanging on with what I've done before
old as the years squeezing energy from me

my plans ironed into the veins on my arms
muscle and bone striking a constant pose

I had plenty of time and plans
secure in my strength and self destiny

I lost the finish line in my vanity
found God's Face in the dome of the sky

drip of His Tears cold on my face
running out from under can't be done

lightning strike
all the wars about to happen

I should have listened to the Good Book
the moon empty and stars scarring my dreams

the sea calm waiting for the coming storms
islands sinking with volcanoes exploding

tidal waves one after another
kids screaming under the shaking trees

women running in all directions
too pretty to spit at their disbelief

and the birds flying
little specks in the sky

passenger jets crashing into ships
skyscrapers falling into clouds of dust

all that I have seen
coming for years

should have listened
should have prepared.

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