J.J. Campbell

the joy of cheating death
white knuckled down another
back road in the sticks
as fast as you can, lights off
only destiny awaits
and as many times as i thought
i was going to die
there was just as many times
that i felt the joy of cheating
but youth is wasted on the
and now my knees won't let
me get into one of those fast
cars anymore
my mother doesn't understand
the depression these days
i laugh, mention something
about naming me after the two
biggest assholes she's ever known
and then acting surprised at how
it all turned out
these are the nights of bent
spoons and dirty needles
i want to be one of the lucky
ones and die with the needle
still in my arm
maybe melt into my bed and
rest comfortably for the first
time in years
the girl i lost my virginity to
killed herself a few years later
i don't believe in coincidences

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