Jodie Baeyens

Don’t Fall


I tell you, “Don’t fall in love with me.”

What I mean is –

Don’t build me up on a pedestal

Imagining everything I am


Don’t tell me I’m your goddess

Your princess

Your muse

Yet never get to know me


Don’t blame me

When the cracks in the pedestal show

And you realize

I haven’t lived up to

The story you wrote


If you are going to love me

Love me a little at a time

For who I really am


Someone standing too close to the paintings

Because she refuses to wear glasses


Someone who gets lost

Coming back from the bathroom

And talks during movies


Drinks coffee at 8 P.M.

Only to complain that she can’t sleep


Loves the Mets like a religion

Without being able to name a single player


Who remembers tiny details about you

And forgets the huge things


Don’t fall in love with me

Falling is a quick movement

Out of control

An accident


If there ever comes a time

When you love me

Let it be





Don’t fall head over heals

Don’t fall at all

Just take a step

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